RT-200: FES Elliptical Rehabilitation Therapy System

The RT200 is the only system which provides simultaneous FES arm and leg therapy, which is called "hybrid" therapy.

You use the RT200 while sitting in the dedicated seat secured by a three point harness. Your feet are secured in the footplates while your hands grip the hand grips - a position that allows you to obtain hybrid therapy. Hybrid therapy is often sought after because of the possibility of higher cardiovascular demands compared to leg or arm therapy alone.

Electrodes are placed on up to 10 of your muscle groups - on one or both legs and one or both arms.  The muscles to be stimulated will be selected by your clinician based on an initial assessment. Typically you would build up to daily 1 hour sessions, but not more than once per day. Your clinician will prescribe the usage that is appropriate for you for home and clinic use.

If you have sufficient strength and movement in your arms, your therapist may focus the FES on your lower extremities.  In this case you could move your arms while the FES evoked strong muscles contractions in your legs. If you have reduced strength and movement in your arms, your therapist may distribute the FES across both your arms and legs so that you can gain the benefits of FES in all the major muscle groups.

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