RT-600: Step And Stand Rehabilitation System

RT-600 Step and Rehabilitation SystemThe aim of the RT 600 Standing and stepping programmes is to increase the percentage weight bearing capacity of your body through your legs with the use of electrical stimulation delivered to your leg muscles.

Functional electrical stimulation is delivered in a standing position through the use of a hoist and a reciprocal step and stand action is achieved. Electrical stimulation is delivered to the selected lower leg muscle groups.

You step or stand in the RT600 while secured in a comfortable supportive harness from the electrically powered lift with your feet are secured into the RT600's footplates using velcro straps.  This arrangement allows you to support an adjustable amount of your body weight. This is called partial body weight supported stepping (or standing).

Typically you would build up to 1 hour sessions at least three times per week, but not more than once per day. Your clinician will prescribe the usage that is appropriate for you.

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