Wireless FES System Rental Service

For so many of our clients, we have observed the impact that the FES system has on improving their quality of life and the increased range of activities they are now able to do with their partners and or children. The confidence, energy and independence that is achieved after daily and disciplined use that allows them to participate and make their mark in society and for some this includes returning to work.

We are pleased to announce that Neurolink physiotherapy now offers monthly rental package which will allow you as the client to trial before you buy or rent the system to see the specific benefits you may have.

Renting the systems from Neurolink physiotherapy takes the worry out of the equation of "what if I only need the system for 12 or 24 weeks?" and these systems are amazing support to your on-going rehabilitation.

With the rental programme you don't have the hassle and worry about any servicing and maintenances as this is all covered by Neurolink Physiotherapy. Damages incurred during your rental will be charged to you.

We offer 2-week, 12-week and 24-week rental packages for each of the 3 systems

The initial 60 minute FES assessment appointment is required prior to choosing the preferred rental package which is charged at £125 for the session. This will enable us to determine the most appropriate set up for the rental system for you and to allow us to focus on training you how to use the system during your fitting session.

For more information on the different packages and charges please call us on 02031952723 or email us on info@neurolinkphysio.co.uk.