This package offers a two week trial of the two channel wireless FES system to:

  • See how much easier it is to use without the trouble of having to find where the electrodes need to be like with conventional wired systems
  • Assess how the system can help improve your spasticity in your calf by using the training programme and walking programme as specified by your FES specialist Physio at Neurolink Physiotherapy
  • Assess the initial improvements in how far you are able to walk before you get tired at each review appointment
  • Assess the initial improvements in the quality and efficiency of your walking before you get tired
  • Assess the initial improvements in your knee alignment and pain during standing and walking if you hyper extend your knee due to weakness in your thigh
  • "Trial before you buy"
  • Help you answer any unanswered questions following your initial FES assessment you may have

This trial will help you see the amazing benefits of using this system on a daily basis for this initial two week period, however all the benefits will not be seen in the initial two week period if you have spasticity and tightness in your calf and foot.

This may also help you realise the potential of this wonderful system should you continue to extend into the 12-week or 24-week rental packages or decide to purchase it outright.

This two week rental scheme also allows for two week rolling trial package whereby the rental system can be re-rented after each rental agreement is completed. The return appointment agreed upon needs to be attended to complete the new rental documentation.

For more information on the different packages and charges please call us on 02031952723 or email us on info@neurolinkphysio.co.uk.