Neurological Orthotics Assessment & Provision

During your initial physiotherapy assessment, we will assess your alignment in standing and during walking if applicable. This will identify whether your alignment in your legs at your hips, knees and ankles are optimal.

We will assess your balance during standing and stepping with each leg to identify where orthotics may benefit as well what needs to be worked on during your physiotherapy sessions.

What can I expect from the orthotics assessment?

An assessment will be carried out of your foot and ankle range of movement in a lying position before your leg alignment is assessed in standing.

Your walking is observed and videoed to identify a base line of how you walk. This helps to show change when you are provided with orthotics.

What can I expect once I get my orthotics?

For some individuals, we start with temporary orthotics which help give you an idea of what and how the permanent orthotics are able to influence and improve your standing and walking balance. For some clients, permanent or temporary orthotics will be recommended depending on leg alignment, control and balance. 

Orthotics are used as part of your neurological rehabilitation programme. By improving your alignment from your feet up, we are able to focus on your control around your hips and knees. As your control around your hips and knees improves, you will work in physiotherapy sessions both with and without orthotics and footwear to improve your ankle control over time.

For clients with complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries, temporary and or permanent orthotics can help to maintain and improve lower leg alignment by ensuring that the contours of the foot and optimal alignment of the foot and ankle bones are maintained.

Please feel free to contact us should you require more information or wish to arrange an assessment appointment