How can Postural Solutions help in your rehabilitation?

Neurolink Physiotherapy is a specialised neurological physiotherapy practice committed to providing a high quality service, tailored to each client to maximise functional independence.

Assessments can be provided throughout the UK on request. There are several stages to the intervention:

Stage One

A comprehensive client centred neurophysiotherapy assessment is carried out to identify the key areas that need to be addressed or modified with the client, their family and/or their carers.

The assessment process will consider the physical, social, psychological and environmental factors impacting on the client and their circumstances.  

Stage Two

Following the initial assessment, the therapist will discuss possible solutions to manage the key areas and problems identified.

Examples of interventions are: analysis of posture in a standing frame; in a wheelchair or in bed.  Sometimes, a significant change to the supportive equipment will be needed and sometimes just a small adjustment can help.

Stage Three

The postural solutions programme and achievable goals, as defined by the Neurolink Physiotherapist in consultation with all involved, is agreed and written recommendations are provided.

Stage Four

Should a replacement wheelchair/seat within the wheelchair be required, the Neurolink physiotherapist will work closely with a rehabilitation engineer to design a customised seating system that will meet the client’s needs, to aim to maximise their independence and functional ability.  

Where applicable, the local wheelchair service will be approached to establish whether the equipment required can be funded by the statutory services, either in part or in full.

Also where applicable, local physiotherapists and occupational therapists will be approached, to discuss with them their involvement, to assist with the establishment of the prescribed programme of posture management.  

Further stages may be added if other bespoke equipment is clinically indicated.