To a reflexologist the foot is an anatomical representation of the human body, including the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, urinary, digestive, reproductive and endocrine systems. 

Firm pressure is applied to specific areas of the foot according the person’s needs. This is to provide therapeutic relief and healing by encouraging and assisting the body's healing systems to respond.

Reflexologists can tell many things from the feet, such as a person’s overall health, various places of low energy or blocked energy within the body. 

Reflexology is that precise and that's not all. 

The aim of treatment is to help the client achieve balance, removing blockages in areas of stagnation where energy cannot flow. 

Indian head massage

We often hold a lot of tension and stress in our head, neck, face and scalp area.

Indian Head massage helps to:

  • Increase blood flow to the neck and head
  • Increase flexibility in shoulders and neck
  • Relieve mandibular joint tension
  • Reduce tension headaches and migraines
  • Improve lymphatic drainage from the head, which aids in the removal of toxins and waste
  • Clear sinusitis and eye strain
  • Improve brain function
  • Improve concentration
  • Clear the mind and reduce stress
  • Boosts hair colour and strength and increases hair growth
  • Aids quality of sleep