Double Channel Devices for Dropped Foot & Thigh or Hip Weakness

Bioness L300 Plus

Patient using The Bioness L300 PlusThe Bioness L300 Plus rehabilitation device use wireless Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to help promote mobility and independence to enhance the user's quality of life.

The Bioness L300 Plus incorporates the L300 device with a thigh FES cuff, to stimulate either the quadriceps or the hamstring muscles of the thigh.

The Bioness L300 Plus system thigh component when optimally set up can help the user to lift and clear the floor more effectively through the use of the thigh and the lower leg components. For clients with weakness around the knee the L300 plus component can facilitate better knee stability, control and confidence during standing and walking. This in turn can help to reduce the effort and the amount of energy required during stepping and walking.

The Bioness L300 Plus comprises of four components.

  1. The cuff, houses the electrodes, which provides a low level stimulation either the quadriceps, or hamstring muscles.
  2. The L300 orthosis, houses the electrodes that provide a low level stimulation to the common peroneal nerve which controls the muscles that lift the foot.
  3. The control unit that allows the user to control their stimulation levels.
  4. An Intelli Gait Sensor that detects when the stimulation should be initiated and terminated.

Similarly to the Bioness L300, the four components communicate wirelessly in a precise sequence of stimulations to the weakened or paralyzed muscles to provide a more natural walking pattern, by lifting the foot and either bending or extending the knee.


  • Bioness L300 PlusWireless two channel system
  • Lifts the foot at the right time during the walking cycle
  • Second muscle group can be stimulated i.e. Quadriceps or hamstring to also help with knee control using the L300 Plus system
  • Improves walking speed, pattern and can increase walking distance and can improve confidence
  • Requires less concentration on gait and the decreases the effort for walking that is often related to foot drop
  • Easy to apply with one hand
  • Orthopaedic shoes are not necessary
  • Easy, individual adjustment of settings using the remote control

Indications for use

Patient using The Bioness L300 Plus outsideIndividuals with foot drop associated with the following central nervous system conditions may benefit from Bioness L300 Plus:

  • Cerebrovascular accident (Stroke)
  • Incomplete spinal cord injury or lesion
  • Traumatic brain injury or chronic brain lesion
  • Multiple sclerosis with variable fatigue
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Other upper motor neuron lesions

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